Pet Cube – Play with your Pet, from Anywhere!


One thing’s for sure. I am an animal lover. Since I was a kid I have always felt like my life was enhanced by sharing it with a little creature of some kind. The only time I question pet parenthood is when I have to leave the little guy alone for a while. I always picture them bored and lonely, or worse, eating my couch to pay me back for my selfishness. If only there was a way to interact with my pet from anywhere…

Check out the Petcube. No longer will you have to worry and wonder what your little furry friends are up to, the Petcube is a fabulously cool gadget that will let you watch, talk, and even play with your pets from just about anywhere. Petcube is equipped with a wide angle camera, a microphone, and speakers all encased in a durable 4 inch aluminum cube.

Petcube utilizes a mobile application that allows you to really talk, and play with your pet! You can see your pet, and use joystick type action in order to zip a laser pointer around the room tantalizing your favorite feline or engaging your pooch in a rousing game of cat and mouse. And if your pet isn’t in the same room as the Petcube? Simply call him, using the microphone and speakers. Too fun!

Petcube also let’s others play with your pets, and you can even share your interactions with social media sites. Future plans for this device include installations in animal shelters, allowing friends of animals or potential adopters to play with the pets.

Petcube is a fully funded Kickstarter project and is expected to have a price tag right around 200 bucks, a small price to pay to be able to play with your little buddies whenever you want. Check out or kickstarter for ship dates and much more info.