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Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier makes sure that Fido is not blamed for any sickness at home

allergen-removal-purifierHaving a cat or dog at home will certainly bring joy, as you can never quite tell what your furry friends are up to, as they do end up with some rather funny antics from time to time. Well, not everyone is born with the same kind of physical constitution, as some folks are allergic to the kind of pet fur that hangs around a room even when Fido is outdoors chasing down butterflies. There is the $595.95 Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier which will help solve whatever issues with pet allergens in your home, thanks to the folks over at Hammacher.

The Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier happens to be an air filter that was specially designed in order to help clean a pet owner’s home of allergens as well as odors cast off by dogs, cats, and other kind of animals which shed fur and leave a smell behind. This is made possible thanks to a medical-grade HEPA filter which will contain 15 lbs. of activated carbon that will capture 99.97% of particles which are larger than .03 microns. That would definitely go some way in making a home more comfortable for allergy-suffering family and guests, as the carbon blend incorporates ammonia-absorbing compounds which will eliminate common pet odors, which leaves air in the room smelling much fresher. There is a 360-degree intake which will draw air through a couple of pre-filters in an efficient manner, so much so that air in a room of up to 1,000 square feet will be exchanged every 30 minutes.

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  1. Obviously the one-percenters who buy this are NOT allergic to ridiculous prices. I’m guessing they all have Dyson fans, as well…

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