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Go Away Pesky Birds!

Most of you have probably experienced the hassle of large birds. They are fun to feed and seem really sweet and all, until they start dive bombing you in the back yard or raiding your shrubs and leaving their unwanted deposits on patios, cars, you name it. Time for a device that will help scare the suckers away, not hurt them and not require electricity.
The Solar Powered Bird B Gone Bird Repeller is here to help you keep seagulls, pigeons, crows and other large pests out of the way. Each lightweight, mountable unit includes a continuous motion arm to deter the bigger birds. At 30 RPMs the arms will each defend a 5 foot diameter area, giving you clearance to sit, stand or walk in peace. Use them on any flat surface at home or where your customers may walk. Basically anywhere you want the pests to not haunt. And no need for power as these repellers come with a solar panel. Cloudy day? Nighttime? No problem as 2 AA rechargeable batteries are included to store energy during the sunny times. Each order includes two repellers and goes for $64.92 on Amazon. So stop the harassment by big birds! Keep them away with Bird B Gone.