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Personalized Movable Feast Cooler Cart gives you an ice cold one anytime, anywhere

movable-feast-cooler-cartDuring the sweltering summer, it goes without saying that keeping cool should be top of the list for many of us. Not only that, there are many different ways in which we will be able to ensure that we can remain nice and cool, ranging from turning on the air conditioner at full blast, to sucking on popsicles and feasting on ice cream. Well, if you are the outdoor kind of person and would like to make sure that you have an ice cold beverage within reach at a moment’s notice, then the $219.95 Personalized Movable Feast Cooler Cart would be a pretty decent bargain.

Being a folding beverage cart that sports an integrated cooler/tabletop which allows it to transport a family’s feast or a couple’s consumables over any terrain, this makes the Personalized Movable Feast Cooler Cart the perfect tool for picnics, barbecues, beach parties, or civilized summer concert outings. It will arrive with a flexible 0.3mm-thick, food-safe PVC cooler insert which offers an opening that measures 32″ x 16″ x 15″, allowing it to accommodate up to 225 lbs. of ice, drinks, and food. The insert’s elastic upper edges will stretch over the cart’s powder-coated steel frame, whereas the remainder will sit within an outer 600-denier polyester shell. Each purchase comes with a built-in spout that drains melted ice so that your drinks will not “drown” inside.

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