Personalized Cremation Urn – Comes out a Head

I spend a lot of time searching the Internet for new and different things to write about and for some reason I keep coming across different ways to memorialize our dearly departed. I’ve told you about drive thru funerals, and diamonds made from ashes, and talking headstones, so I figure what the heck… In keeping with tradition I might as well let you in on this too.

An Arlington Vermont company called Cremation Solutions is creating custom made cremation urns in the shape of your loved ones head. Thats right, with just one or two pictures of the persons face, and by using state of the art 3D imaging techniques, the company will make a polymer compound likeness of your loved one’s head and mount it on a marble base. Excellent. 

I know you’re probably wondering, so yes, the heads will have hair, for folks that had very closely cropped hair, it can simply be digitally added to the head, or the company will gladly add a wig, per your specifications. Ashes are loaded from the bottom and a beautiful brass nameplate is affixed to the heads luxurious black marble base.

These, um, nifty little keepsakes come in 2 sizes, with the almost life-size head coming in at around 11 inches tall and is capable of holding the entire remains of your average sized dead person. The “keepsake” sized urn comes in at only 6 inches tall and will only be able to hold a small portion of the ashes, but promises years of enjoyment as a “treasured family heirloom.” I keep wondering why they didn’t go all out and make it talk… now there’s something for your mantle that could really give you the creeps! Prices start at around 600 bucks for the keepsake urn and $2600 for the full size, find out more at

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