Personal Rapid Transit set to debut soon


With the population rising, it leaves people searching for alternative forms of transportation for heavily populated areas.  Well this idea for Masdar City looks like something straight of an Isaac Asimov book I read years ago.  They are basically an electronic taxi without a driver.  You choose where it is you’d like to go and it will take you there or close to it.  Initially the system will stay fairly simple, but as time progresses it will continue to be modified and become more complex.

Actually, the planner that designed the network refers to it more as an elevator type system as of now.  Just push a button and it takes you to where you need to go.  Passengers will be able to get within 100 meters of any destination.  The system that will be located within Abu Dhabi is definitely revolutionary.  I doubt that this new system is perfect, but I am curious to see it be modified and for other ideas to be spawned from this one.  Personal Rapid Transit is set to make its debut sometime this year.

Source: Gas2.0