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Personal Pocket Safe keeps your data safe


Here’s another drive that will help keep your data safe, just in case you feel the need to be extra careful about the contents stored on your USB drive.  This one even requires a combination for the data to be unlocked, which if nothing else will make you feel just a little extra important.  It also will make your coworkers endlessly curious as to what is so special on your USB drive that you need something as complex as this.

The Pocket Safe USB Drive even has a self destruct feature, for those times when the drive is lost and someone is tampering with it.  If someone should attempt to force access, it will automatically destroy absolutely all of the data on the drive.  If that makes you nervous, not to worry there are services to ensure that your data is safe elsewhere.  There is also an optional PIN replacement service as well.  It is a bit expensive to purchase this Personal Pocket Safe though.  It’ll cost you £59.99 or about $99 from Thumbs Up UK.

Source: SlipperyBrick