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Personal Humidifier in pretty pink

It is to that point in the year that some are suffering from those wretched allergies.  If you don’t have time to lay in bed all day, this little humidifier can go with you anywhere.  It’d be perfect when you’re stuck at the office or have to travel for work.  Just sit it on your desk and attach a regular water bottle to it and you have warm air blowing up your nose all day long.  However, if you’re a guy and not so cool with pink gadgets you might have a slight issue with this one.

Since it appears to only come in the pretty white and pink shown here.  However, if you’re out in public looking like death with a beat red nose, I’m not sure anyone would dare to make fun of you due to your pink humidifier.  The humidfier also features two different size adapters for the bottles that you screw onto it.  The mist is adjustable, however, they don’t really say if that means you can adjust for more mist or to change between hot or cool mist.  It is currently being sold for $39.95.

Source: nerdapproved