Personal Alarm Watch Helps the Hearing Impaired

Personal Alarm Watch

Designer Nikita Golovlev has come up with an innovative idea for a watch that could be a real life saver. The Personal Alarm Watch will detect important events like fire alarms and alert the wearer by vibration and flashing lights.

How does it work?
The personal alarm watch is a concept product at the moment but it has been shrewdly thought about on how it could actually work, so far there are two solutions:

  1. It could use an internal antenna to detect special signals given off by smoke detectors and fire alarms (this would require an expensive modification to appropriate alarm systems).
  2. A microphone in the watch could monitor sound levels, if it detected a severe increase or heard a known danger sound again a warning could be issued

As product ideas go I think this is really great and Nikita Golovlev(found via the Product Design Forums) is certainly a designer to look out for in the future (thanks Nikita for the extra images).

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