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Perpetual Motion Rotating Globe offers geography lesson in style

rotating-globeIt is said that the very day when you stop learning, that is the day you die. I suppose the saying holds true to a certain extent, and it is rather morbid when you think about it. For many of us, the world is an extremely fascinating place, especially when you take into consideration that there are so many different countries out there in which one is able to explore and enjoy the various cultures and food. A map might be a good place to start learning about other countries, but a globe puts things into perspective. And since the earth rotates around the sun, why not get a globe that features such rotation – permanently? Enter the $149.95 Perpetual Motion Rotating Globe.

The Perpetual Motion Rotating Globe will autonomously and continuously rotate on its own, all without requiring any kind of human contact, cords, or batteries. This is somewhat a miracle of sorts, where it has been specially developed in the U.S. by a team of physicists and artists, making it function in apparent violation of the laws of thermodynamics. After all, isn’t perpetual motion impossible? It will remain suspended from an acrylic frame, where this 4 1/2″-diameter globe encloses a photoreceptor that will gather room light in order to power an internal drive that helps to spin the globe by means of a force from the earth’s magnetic field. It will take up just .1 microwatts (1/10th of 1 millionth of a watt) of power, which means it ought to have enough power storage to last it through the night.

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