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The Peropon Drinking Animal Planter is always making a face at you

Peropon Animal Planter

Have you ever driven by one of those houses that has too many yard decorations that’s chock full of more eclectic taste than you can fathom in the two seconds you drive past? Is it a future aspiration of yours to one day be that person? If so, you have to start collecting strange baubles and trinkets from all over the world now, since you don’t want to rely on the dollar store to deliver on pink flamingos and cheeky garden gnomes when you’re 80.

Even if you’re not trying to be wild and crazy, these adorable Peropon Drinking Animal Planters are sure to make people look on in both shock and wonder. Not too many people can say that a planter stuck their tongue out at them. The idea of these little ceramic planters is that they are shaped like fat, squat animals with a long pink felt-like tongue that will stick out of their mouth and “slurp” up water only as fast as your plant needs it to.

There are presently three animals to choose from which includes a dog, frog, and panda. This is going to cost you $14.95, and is sure to add little quirky flair to your desk or windowsill at home or work. Of course, if it’s at the office then it might be taken as a sign of passive-aggressiveness and will lead to an all-out cubicle brawl. If that’s the case, at least you won’t have to do any more work for the day.

Available for purchase on Firebox