Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table Shower CurtainIf you’ve always wanted to revise for your next chemistry exam whilst taking a shower then help is at hand, courtesy of the Periodic Table Shower Curtain.

The Periodic Table Shower Curtain is exactly that, a shower curtain with a, I think you get the idea. Thinking about it I reckon there’s all sorts of useful info you could put on shower curtains:

  • The times tables for younger members of the family
  • Puzzles, like Sudoku, word searches, cross words etc. (obviously with a water proof pen)
  • Once we can get a digital and waterproof shower curtain how about an RSS reader

You’ll have to avoid getting soap in your eyes to get full benefit but the options are endless :).

The Periodic Table Shower Curtain is available from Think Geek for $29.99.

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