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Perfect Pasta Timer

perfect-pasta-timerCooking pasta might seem easy, but it does take a fair bit of experience to get the texture just right, keeping everyone at the dinner table more than happy. If you haven’t yet earned your stripes at the kitchen, there is no shame in enlisting the help of additional gizmos to help you take that step closer to perfection. The Perfect Pasta Timer seems to be a decent candidate if you want to whip up a mean plate of carbonara.

This pasta timer accounts for the shape of the noodle and the amount being cooked, signaling when the pasta is cooked to your preferred taste. Its LCD control panel allows you to select from the ten most common pasta shapes, input the amount (1/5, 1/2, or 1 lb.), and choose al dente or regular. The device sets its timer based on these variables and beeps when the pasta is cooked to your preferred taste. The timer clips to the side of a pot and its 8 1/2″ probe monitors the temperature of the water and signals when the water reaches the optimal temperature for cooking pasta. The LCD is removable, allowing the probe to be washed in a dishwasher. Includes a replaceable battery.

$39.95 is all Hammacher is asking for, and the payback of compliments from your family members and guests who are well fed would be worth every single penny.