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The perfect drink will stay perfect with this USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder from Thanko

USB Cup Cooler, Warmer Holder

When you first get into work in the morning it takes a while to get into the flow, and for your morning cups of coffee to make it into your system. After a while you’re ready to settle into the task at hand, and only stop to look away from your screen to get a drink, usually caffeinated, to keep you going. While the first few sips are always gloriously refreshing, we have a tendency to forget about it when we go back to being engrossed in our work.

If you want to be able to work without having to drink your beverage within a specific amount of time, being able to keep it at a certain temperature would be helpful. This Thanko USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder will let hot things stay hot, and cold things stay chilly. Best of all, you only need a free USB port to use it. This uses Peltier thermo-elements to maintain the temperature, and you only need to flip the switch to hot or cold to keep it where you want it.

This should be able to keep your drink at the optimal temperature for anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. This isn’t going to be big enough for your favorite mug, but it can hold paper cups or small cans, and has a handle so you can still treat it like a mug. It is capable of temperatures from 64 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, and will cost you $66. There are other, cheaper options out there, but it’s all up to how much money you like to throw around.

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