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The Perfect Bake is more than welcome in any kitchen

perfect-bakeSo, you happen to have a great love for baking, and would be more than willing to put your hand onto the plough, so to speak, in the kitchen every weekend in order to try out whatever new recipe there is. Well, if you would like to up the ante and bring your baking experience to a whole new level, perhaps there is a tool out there that might just be able to help you achieve this – with the £59.99 The Perfect Bake, of course.

The Perfect Bake is said to come with all the expertise of a world-class baker right in the comfort of your very own home, allowing you to bake beautiful and perfectly proportioned goods every single time. The scales will pair up with an instructive app on your smartphone or tablet, where from there you will be able to select from hundreds of classic and modern recipes. Following that, you can then watch the virtual glass and follow real-time baking instructions, which does do its bit in eliminating the old fashioned traits such as ‘trying’ and ‘hard work’. Each purchase will come with the scale, a phone/tablet stand, a trio of mixing bowls (small to large), an oven thermometer, and a 3.5mm cable, where it will be powered by 3 AAA batteries.