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Pepperphile’s Peppermill guarantees a culinary delight

pepperphileWhile an audiophile would love all things musical, how about a pepperphile? Well, that is pretty simple to answer, don’t you think so? The pepperphile simply cannot get enough of the potentially spicy stuff (depending on the grade of pepper that you consume), and if you know someone in that particular category and have run out of ideas as to what to purchase, fret not. Hammacher has just the thing for you with this $179.95 Pepperphile’s Peppermill.

Why, the name of it says it all – this 3’ tall pepper mill ought to be able to satisfy even the most voracious appetite for pungent piperine. The mill will be able to have enough space for it to carry more than 2-lbs. of peppercorns. Not only that, it shows everyone on the table who is in charge, especially when you hold it in your hand, as it towers over table centerpieces as well as double magnums of wine. Surely this can be seen as the focal point of any dining table, barring any elaborate floral arrangements, of course. It will boast of a commercial-grade stainless steel grinding mechanism that crushes peppercorns with a simple twist of the cap, where there is also a grind indicator located at the top knob so that you can adjust it from a fine grind ideal for flavoring soups to a coarse grind for when making steak au poivre.