Pepe the USB Parrot

pepetheusbparrot-smallWe have reported on many a USB gadget on Coolest Gadgets. Some of them are practical, and some are just plain fun. Guess which category Pepe the USB Parrot falls under.

All the user has to do is plug in Pepe the USB Parrot in the USB port or keep it running on batteries, and it will “repeat what you say at random intervals” as it flaps its wings, just like a real parrot!

Actually, I don’t know if a real parrot will do that, because I’ve never really spent time around one of them. From what I have seen on most situation comedies, parrots have this innate ability to repeat exactly what you don’t want repeated. Like this episode of The Love Boat where Gopher inadvertently taught a parrot to say: “Captain Stubbing is a jerk”. Classic.

Pepe The USB Parrot also comes with that warning. Yeah, you don’t really want the guy with the Tourette’s Syndrome anywhere near this thing. However, if you suspect that the compulsive cursor is doing something he shouldn’t at your computer, perhaps Pepe could be the evidence that you need to bust him.

Still, if you want to get this for your office, or as a gift for a friend, feel free to lay down £15.24 at Amazon for it.