Pentax K-3 II gets a limited silver edition

k-3-iiWhen it comes to digital cameras, these kinds of gadgets are certainly not the kind that fall under the impulse purchase category. After all, picking up a camera requires careful consideration, ranging from whether you can afford the rest of the lens system (if you would like to get more serious than just taking an iPhone and snapping away happily), to ensuring that the company behind the product has a fantastic track record. Having said that, Pentax is no stranger when it comes to imaging systems, and where their cameras are concerned, they too, have taken the special edition route once in a while such as with the Pentax K-7 limited edition model. This time around, the latest limited edition model that has been announced by Pentax would be the Pentax K-3 II which was launched in May last year.

The launch of the limited edition Pentax K-3 II is due to the fact that they are commemorating the 80th anniversary of the founding of Ricoh Company, Ltd. The magnesium-alloy camera body has been given a treatment with a special silver-color coating, ensuring that it delivers an elegant, high-grade, textured finish. Heck, even the product box has been specially designed for this limited edition, stylish silver camera in order to keep up with the rest of the flow.

Just to jog our memories, this exclusive model will be Ricoh’s flagship APS-C camera, where it boasts of an impressive 24.35 effective megapixel AA filter-less APS-C CMOS sensor, in addition to a high performance 27-point AF system and 8.3 fps of continuous shooting, has a Pixel Shift Resolution System that delivers more truthful color reproduction and finer details at the same time reduce high-sensitivity noise levels by a significant amount.

And when Pentax says that this is a limited edition model, they really mean it, as it will arrive in extremely limited quantities to the tune of just 500 units worldwide. Available later this spring, the limited edition Pentax K-3 II will cost you $999.95 a pop.

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