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Penny Soccer Game helps you kill time in style

penny-soccer-gameThere is nothing quite like exploring the mind of a child in order to find out the different kinds of wonderful thoughts that he or she is thinking at the moment. After all, a child’s mind has not yet been tainted by the world – and hence, it is the playground that churns up magical moments of awe and wonder. Having said that, I am quite sure that you would have indulged in some imaginative games during your childhood, using whatever you can find around you or in your pocket as a plaything. The penny, for instance, is a prime candidate for a UFO, or even enough pennies would end up in a game of carrom. Well, the $38 Penny Soccer Game would be able to put whatever loose change that you have to good use even when you are all grown up.

Footie fans, regardless of their age, will definitely find this fun and fast-paced game of miniature proportions to be worth checking out. Thanks to a trusty penny “soccer ball” in hand, you will be able to flick your way across the field, making your way past the various plug-shaped “players” like how Ronaldo or Messi dummies defenders, and make a shot toward the goal. You might wonder how come it seems to be rather pricey, but do bear in mind that it is specially handmade in St. Louis, Missouri, using materials like chrome, vinyl, steel, and wood fibreboard.

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