The Penguin Emperor Lamp


Alright so a penguin lamp might not be the most classy lighting solution out there.  However, if you’re a fan of penguins then this lamp would definitely appeal to your tastes.  Plus despite its novelty appearance, it does actually manage to be a fairly practical lighting solution.  It also comes in a huge variety of colors, which means you could easily find a color that would fit in with the rest of your décor.

The penguin has an adjustable head and is constructed of ABS and polycarbonate.  It also has an integral safety transformer.  It does use low voltage light though, so if you were hoping for a bright lamp this one probably won’t work.  To be specific it uses no more than a 20 watt bulb.  As I stated before it does come in plenty of colors, which include grey, blue, satin green, clear orange, black and saga green.  All of which have a white stomach.  You can purchase the lamp for $113 from Eco-Lights.  At least it isn’t sitting at its original price of $226, it almost makes the new price seem reasonable.  Almost.

Source: NerdApproved