Pendant TeeLight

Most tea drinkers I know are pretty serious about their tea practices.  Most of them have serious habits that you should never suggest them deviating away from if you prefer to keep your head what it’s at.  If you know someone or are one of those tea obsessed drinkers you ought to check out this light for yourself or them.  It’d be a fun way to illuminate your tea practices.

The light is made out of a classic white cup and has a switch made to look like your average teabag.  In fact it’s a very furry pull switch.  It uses a 25 watt bulb to get you the light you desire.  Other than that it’s actually a pretty basic light that was designed by Jan Bernstein.  You can purchase the Pendant TeeLight for €65 or about $82, so it’s not the cheapest of lights.  It is cute though.

Source: Technabob