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Penbo Lovable Penguin

Love makes the world go round, or so that is what we have been taught to believe. Well, some of our friends in the animal kingdom are easily lovable without much effort on your part, such as puppies, kittens, and of course, penguins. It is not going to be easy keeping a pet penguin in your home due to the kind of special environment that it needs to thrive in, which is why if your little toddler has been bugging you for a pet penguin for his or her birthday, you can give in to that request – without getting a real penguin. Still, the $59.99 Penbo Lovable Penguin is one lovable bugger, as Penbo interacts with you through touch and sound.
Not only that, there is a surprise-colored (pink, blue or green, although we would have liked to see the entire rainbow range) Bebe which will pop out from Penbo’s stomach pouch (is this some sort of penguin-kangaroo hybrid that we do not know of?), playing games with one another to boot. Penbo is capable of chirping and dancing around, and just like some of the more modern toys, will be able to communicate and interact with Bebe and other Penbos too. Best to get rechargeable batteries in your home if you want the Penbo Lovable Penguin to be a permanent fixture, as it runs on half a dozen AA batteries.