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Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase could help you save a whole lot

penalty-fee-preventing-suitcaseFor frequent travelers, we have our favorite bags or suitcases that we like to lug around, not only for the design, but also the durability as well as functionality. While tough (and of course, expensive) suitcases are dime a dozen in the market, this does not mean that there are no alternatives out there. Just in case you want to make sure nothing untoward happens to spoil your upcoming holiday, you might want to get the $149.95 Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase.

After all, flying with a budget airline tends to incur “hidden” costs, such as a wee overweight in luggage that costs a bomb if you did not pre-purchase. Well, this 26″ hard shell suitcase sports an integrated digital scale which will certainly go a long way in helping on to save one on overweight baggage fees. It will show its own weight in a matter of seconds when lifted by the scale-integrated handle. Made from durable 2.6mm-thick thermoplastic polymer (ABS) with an exterior layer of polycarbonate, the suitcase is more than capable of withstanding the bumps of baggage claim and the bruises of cargo storage. It will come with a soft nylon lining with a built-in divider that has a transparent pocket for separate storage of toiletries or shoes. Not only that, there is a TSA friendly three-digit lock and 12″-extending pull handle for added convenience. The Penalty Fee Preventing Suitcase will unfortunately arrive in just one shade: dark grey.