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Peel Wall Light adds a dash of class

peel-wall-lightHaving a night light is always cool – not to mention it would also be able to do its bit to ensure that you do not end up stubbing your toe against the edge of the bed or cabinet at night, when you get up and would like to make your way to the bathroom without having to wake up your better half by turning on the lights. Well, some night lights do look fancy, but this particular one – while rather pricey, has an added advantage – it certainly boasts of a design that you will not be able to find anywhere else, of course. I am referring to the $464 Peel Wall Light, where this designer peeling OLED lamp would “peep” out from the edge of the wall, lighting up the room softly.

This is definitely one of the more striking methods of illuminating a room, where the lamp itself would be able to fit into the corner of your wall, and it looks as though the light is coming from behind the peeling wall paper. The OLED light source happens to be extremely thin and subtle, which is why it manages to work in that manner. As for the cable, it will be discreetly tucked into the corner so it won’t give away the trick. All that you need to do is to mount it on the wall with the simple bracket, and you’re good to go.