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The Pedi Callus Remover – give your feet the attention they deserve

Callus remover

We fuss about our weight, get our hair cut, and pay a LOT of attention to the quality of the skin on our face. There is however, one aspect we don’t often pay much mind to, and that would be our feet. They see the most action every day as they have to carry us from all over the place. Of course, we’re also usually wearing shoes that don’t properly cushion our feet, and pound the pavement when we’re in a rush. Even when you put on lotion, if you do, it’s often easy to bypass your feet.

This constant neglect usually results in dry, cracked feet that are in need of some attention. Most of the time it’s just cosmetic, but it can reach a point where you need to see a doctor depending on what you put your feet through. If you don’t want to go to a nail salon and pay a lot of money, all you need is a cuticle pusher, skin buffer, and lotion. Getting the rough callouses off would be much easier with this Emjoi Callus remover.

This spins 30 times a second, is safer than using a metal scraper, and is faster than using a file which requires constant manual work. This will cost you $25, and will need 2 AA batteries. Of course, just like a nail file, the roughness of the rollers will lessen over time, and you’ll occassionally need to buy more at around $9 for four of them.

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