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The PedEgg Power saves you some serious cash on pedicures

PedEgg Power

Have you ever gotten a manicure or a pedicure? If you have, chances are you’ve had that weird feeling of pride over your hands or feet. It’s not every day that either are really looking great, so when you take the time to really pamper them, you gain a new appreciation for how they look. The problem is that you have to maintain them, or they’ll go right back to how they were with over-encroaching cuticles, rough callouses, and dried out skin.

Thankfully going to a nail salon is not your only option, since the wonderful world of gadgets exist. There are plenty of cheap nail kits out there to help you trim and maintain your nails, but filing away at the callouses on your feet is a bit more of a challenge. The PedEgg Power uses a nano-abrasion roller that will painlessly buff away the rough aspects of your feet.

It is cordless, but will need 2 AA batteries to work. Thankfully you can’t go overboard by pressing down too hard as it will shut off automatically if you’re pressing too much. The smoothing head that comes with it will make your tootsies look better than ever by dealing with any unevenness that is left behind. This is going to cost you $22.99, and while it is only one gizmo out of the arsenal of things you would need to cover doing a full mani-pedi yourself, it would still be cheaper in the long run than going to a salon.

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