Pedal Your Gadgets To Full Power


If you’ve been a reader of CG for sometime, you’ve surely seen an assortment of ways to charge your gadgets in an eco-friendly fashion. Most of the time, these green gadget chargers are powered with a hand crank, which is fine for conventional purposes, but there are some circumstances that might lead to this method not being as effective as others.

For example, what if you happen be an amputee? With both upper limbs lost in some freak factory accident. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to sit around and churn a hand crank when you can be doing something more productive. This Pedal Powered Gadget Charger is a hands-free method for charging up your devices when you have better uses for your hands.


Besides the fact that you have an alternative way of powering up your gadgets without the use of much of an electrical output, the Pedal Powered Gadget Charger is sure to help you work up a sweat as well. Not only will you be adding a super charge to your device, but you’ll be pumping the blood through your veins and increasing your overall health and energy. And you can still always use your hands to crank the pedals if your legs are feeling a little too much like jello.

While it might not be a pleasant bike ride through a park on a sunny day, the added incentive of charging your device while earning some self-imposed brownie points for both your new found fitness / green power tool is all the drive you need to pick up your very own. You can grab a pedal charger for ¥14,800 ($141/£71/€91 equivalent) and stage your own Tour De France of eco-friendliness right in your own home.

Product Page via TFTS