Pedal Powered School Bus ready to combat childhood obesity

I believe that I have said it before, but children have all this energy that adults actually need. I figure that you might as well tap into that energy in this pedal powered school bus!
This bus, powered by Flintstones Kids technology, is made in the Netherlands by De Cafe Racer. It has room for about ten kids, and they will be put to work.
Oh man, this would solve so many problems with unruly kids on the schools bus! Just try and make those spitballs now, junior! Yeah, those kids should have both hands on the handlebars.
Of course, I think we all know that a pedal powered school bus might tire out most school children. Fortunately, there is an auxiliary electric motor for some power if needed. However, if you are the school bus driver, only use it in the case of an emergency!
Yeah, I’m not certain how practical this technology is either, especially if there is no roof on the bus. Still, I like the idea of using the energy of unruly children to power transportation to their school. Or does this seem like a violation of child labor laws? I suppose if the bus driver cracked a whip and yelled “faster”!

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