Pedal Power Your Devices

Bicycle hubs have long provided power for bike headlights via small, built-in generators (dynamo hub), a great, green power source. But there are a few drawbacks. The power generated varies with your pedaling. Slow pedaling delivers a decent charge, but speed on the bike creates spikes and surges in the power – not healthy for devices. Another drawback is lack of storage for the power you generate. Seems like there are other uses for the pedal generated power like charging your electronic devices! BioLogic, bike accessory maker, offers a line of products that enables you to channel that bicycling energy with their ReeCharge™ Dynamo Kit and ReeCharge™ Power Pack.
The ReeCharge products work with any standard bicycle dynamo hub. ReeCharge Dynamo Kit, $30 at, is easily attached to the fork and, when attached to the hub, conditions the power you generate to protect any devices you charge. So if you have your phone actively charging while riding, rest assured you will get clean, steady power. But once you stop pedaling you lose that power. So BioLogic also came up with a way to save that hard work, in the form of the ReeCharge Power Pack, $100 on their site. It contains a 1600 mAh Lithium polymer battery which is charged as you ride (also chargeable via computer or outlet). Attach a USB cable to the unit, initiate the charging process and you can deliver power to a phone, GPS or any device. Have a long day on the trails? No problem, take your hard work with you. Throw the Power Pack in your bag and charge devices as you need. And 1600 mAh will get you through a full charge cycle on a smartphone or multiple boosts to multiple devices.  Voila, no wasted pedal power! And of course ReeCharge™ Dynamo Kit and ReeCharge™ Power Pack come in durable cases so bring on the elements. Note: the iPhone 3GS does have some compatibility issues due to iOS 4.3.x. So check BioLogic’s website for details.
So don’t let your bicycling be for naught. Capture that energy you create and power your world.
Thanks: Bikebiz