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Pedal Bowl – The paw operated food bowl

Pedal Operated food bowl

If you insist on buying cheap cat food that stinks the house out why not invest in the Pedal Bowl, the pet bowl with a paw operated lid.

The main aim of the pedal bowl is to protect the food from passing flies however keeping the smell in works too. Many moons ago I used to own a cat called Judge (named after Dredd) which even for cats was particularly dumb so if I’d put the food in this she’d probably of starved to death (I’m knocking my cat here not the product so no legal letters please).

More information available over at Pedal Bowl, thanks Cribs.

7 thoughts on “Pedal Bowl – The paw operated food bowl”

  1. I am an attorney representing Judge, who has retained me to pursue legal remedies for libel of one of her previous lives.
    Your posting has inflicted emotional distress and potential loss of income. After your libel, she can now only pursue careers in which stupidity is no barrier to success, such as Congress or becoming a celebrity.

    Come one, I had to!

  2. Very funny, that’s the third libel email I’ve had this week though this one did make me smile rather than reach for the phone :).

  3. I had one of these. It didn’t take very long for the cats to figure it out, I helped them with it by pushing the lever with one of their paws. However, it didn’t take the mice long to figure it out either! I was hoping to keep them out of the cat food with this bowl. They were very quiet about gaining entry but upon leaving, the lid would clack shut, I would look for the cats who would be sleeping peacefully.

    Darrell, this won’t keep ants out. Maybe you could put your cat’s food on a little table and wrap sticky tape around the legs with the sticky side out.

  4. I have an older outdoor cat who comes into the garage to eat. I feed her high dollar dry food free choice. Unfortunately, at least 10 stray toms have now located the source, and besides eating me out of house and home, are spraying down the place!! Help. I need a bowl which will only open for my cat!!!

  5. We got our cat one of these, i thought my mum was mad when she shown it me, our cat had mastered the flip dish within 30min although we did have to show her what to do, it is great as it stops our dog stealing the cats food

  6. been looking at this cat feeding bowl and would really really love to try it would someone be kind enough to tell me where to purchase two for my cats please many thanks

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