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Pebby is the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the world

pebbyOwning a pet does not only require a whole lot of responsibility, the very same pet tends to give you a lot of joy in return — especially when we are talking about more reactive ones like cats and dogs. Others such as fish swimming in the aquarium would do nothing more than provide you with a sense of serenity though, while tortoises and iguanas? Well, they are just there more as showpieces than anything else. Enter the Pebby, a device which is touted to be the most advanced robotic pet sitter system in the whole world.

It will be accompanied by a Wi-Fi remote controlled ball/smart collar combo, letting pet owners keep track of where their pets are in real time, not to mention monitor and entertain these furry (or scaled) friends regardless of where they are — as long as there is a decent Internet connection in the vicinity, of course.

The Pebby smart robotic pet sitter system will retail for $248 a pop upon a successful Kickstarter campaign. It will feature a Pebby “ball” which can be controlled remotely through the Pebby companion app (for iOS and Android devices), sporting a 720p wide-angle/fisheye video camera as well as a trio of powerful lithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 1.5 hours of playtime and 15 hours in standby mode. This lets you capture your pet’s cutest, candid moments in real-time, and you can even check out the live footage stream via the Pebble app, now how about that?

Sporting a micro-controlled, dual independent suspension, the Pebby ball will remain stable all the time. It is made in a pet-friendly size that measures just 80mm in diameter, while adding a sense of personalization with an interchangeable/multi-design inner casing, integrated LED lights for “Night Vision” Mode and LED glow rims — not to mention built-in speakers and a laser toy that is safe for humans and pets.

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