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Pebble Ministick Charger helps keep you juiced up

pebble-ministickIn this day and age, it is all too common to see people tote around a power bank wherever they go. After all, modern day handsets tend to run out of juice halfway through the day, especially when you put it through a rather intensive regime of having to navigate you through traffic using the likes of Waze, while keeping you entertained with a game or movie whenever you wait for someone, to even being your voice assistant. Since you cannot guarantee that a power outlet is nearby all the time, why not settle for something portable like the £12.99 Pebble Ministick Charger?

It will arrive in black or white shades, and this nimble portable charger ensures that you no longer need to panic over your handset not having enough juice while you are on the move. The 1800mAh power supply should be able to pack enough “punch” within to resuscitate your smartphone to 100%, and it even comes complete with a handy loop for attaching to keys and bags. There are 4 blue LED power indicators that will inform you of just how much juice the Pebble Ministick has left, so that you will be able to recharge it as and when necessary.