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PEAR Sports reveals personal training program for pregnant ladies

pregnant-programIt is always a good thing to take responsibility for your health – and not wait until you suffer from the diagnosis of a major illness that you start to make your way back to the pink of health. Even more so for the ladies, who would certainly loathe to have a belly of any sort, although the same cannot be said of men who do not mind carrying their beer belly with them – heck, some of them might even end up being way proud of having one, to boot! PEAR Sports happens to be a leader in performance training and real-time coaching innovation, and they have recently announced the release of what they deem to be the world’s most comprehensive personal training program which has been specially developed for women pre-, post- and expecting.

Working alongside “Fit for Birth” pre- and post-natal exercise specialist, Nancy Anderson, this particular program is the first in the world, where it would function as a personal trainer throughout the entire pregnancy. Sure as heck beats being on an exercise bike, even if it is one that is placed in a swimming pool, right?

Basically, the PEAR Pregnancy Fitness Program has been designed for all women who seek a healthy fitness routine in order to complement their nine months of pregnancy. It does not matter if one is an enthusiast or a beginner, the app will guide you through each workout. After all, a woman’s body changes throughout the pregnancy, and the training program would deliver offers this unique aspect of aligning to one’s fitness level on any given day to provide results without having to compromise on the safety of the mother or the child.

There are different highlights for all three trimesters – where the 3rd trimester would see programs continue with similar exercises from the first two trimesters, in addition to the provision of more mental imagery and interval training to take advantage of in order to prepare for contractions. Last but not least, there is the handy Post-Pregnancy Workout that will tap into the muscle memory achieved in the previous months, resulting in quick results post-delivery. One can download the PEAR Sports App from iTunes or Google Play stores if interested.

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