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The Peak Design Slide Camera Strap SL2 changes on the fly

Peak Design Slider Camera Strap SL2

When you’re out and about with your camera, you need to be ready to snap a picture at a moment’s notice. After a while it’s as natural as breathing to bring the camera to your face and get the angling and positioning right. When you’re not using it though, you want it to be close by enough to be useful, but in a position where it won’t be in your way.

Choosing the right strap that will keep it at the optimal spot on your personage regardless of your situation can be a tricky one. You also want to have something that isn’t going to fray or snap on you too easily. The Peak Design Slide Camera Strap SL2 will give you the options of a sling, shoulder, or neck strap that you can change up in a matter of seconds. It comes with anchors that alert you to any damage you might get over time, and it uses aluminum quick-adjuster handles that will let you put your camera where you’d like on your body.

This is 1.8 inches wide, made of seat belt style webbing, and is internally padded, with a smooth and grippy side to the strap to make sure it’s comfortable for extended use. It also comes with an ARCA-compatible plate for tripod usage. This is rather pricey at $59.95, but offers minimalistic style and makes it super easy to adjust how you use it.

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