PC Prankster screws with your coworkers


If you have a co-worker that really just needs paid back for their charming personality, here’s the way to do it.  It’ll allow for you to sneakily drive them crazy, but not do any actual harm to their computer.  This USB drive can be jammed into the back of the computer where they’re highly unlikely to find it, unless they should inspect the back.  However, by that time you’ll have gotten at least a little enjoyment out of their frustration.

The USB drive has a time delay, so it gives you plenty of time to get away from their computer before it starts causing trouble.  Once it does start working it’ll turn the caps lock on and off, type out random text and phrases as well as make the mouse make random movements.  I’d be careful who you play this trick on though, if they find out it was you they’ll be itching for revenge.  Right now there’s not any pricing information, but you can expect to see more on the Thumbs Up website at the end of the month.

Source: Newlaunches

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