PC Drawer with Locking Safe


For those that often find that they have far less office supplies at the end of the day than they should, might want to find a way to slow down moochers.  Although this little safe isn’t something you’d use to hide highly important documents or valuables, it will work for stashing office supplies.  With this drawer installed within your PC, you’ll likely have a few less issues with running out of paper clips and pens.  Yes, they could get around the lock, but it would take them a lot more work.

By the time they would have popped this open, it would have been far faster to just snag some office supplies off of someone else.  The drawer itself is meant to fit within unused media slots.  You can stash office supplies, personal items and up to 24 CD’s.  It claims you can use it as a hidden safe, but it’s questionable as to how effective it would actually end up being.  Each of the drawers has two horizontal dividers and two vertical dividers, as well as one CD post.  You can purchase one of these drawers for $9.95.

Source: CraziestGadgets