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PBTeen’s Stackable Speakers save on workspace

If you’re trying to be careful about how to best utilize your desk space, a set of speakers like these would be convenient.  They stack straight up and down, so only a small square on your desk is being used.  Granted you could probably just buy a set of mostly square speakers and attempt to stack them in the same fashion.  However, these look like they lock together nicely to keep them sturdy.  Plus when you feel the need you can lay them out next to each other instead of stacking.

These come from PBTeen and this isn’t the first time I’ve come across one of their teen products that would look great for adults as well.  Especially those in their 20’s that are either in a small dorm or living in a small apartment, since a lot of their products are focused on space saving.  The speakers come in several different colors; pink, light blue, light green, dark blue and gray.  They measure 3” and will work for either your iPod or iPhone.  The Stackable Speakers will cost you $129.

Source: Gadgenista