The PAX Loose Leaf Vaporizer takes the smoke out of smoking

PAX Vaporizer
For some, smoking is an occasional habit that is often paired with a night out on the town. Others face the more addictive side, and while they may want to quit, it is far more difficult limiting to one or two every so often. Many who fit the latter description have started moving to vaporizers. These will heat the product rather than burn it, so you’re getting vapor instead of smoke or passing along secondhand smoke.

The PAX Loose Leaf Vaporizer is one such device that is meant for people on the go. It has an LED indicator light, which will tell you the temperature and battery status. There are a few options for the temperature settings, and it’s usually ready to go within about 30 seconds. The retractable mouthpiece will turn this on or off, and the initial purchase comes with two packets of mouthpiece lubricant which you will need to make sure the sensor is working properly (it can get a bit sticky after a while).

It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and comes in purple, blue, green, or black. There is an included charging dock which it sits upright in, and loading product into it is relatively simple. You will need to clean it out fairly regularly, and while there is a kit included, you will likely need more wipes and pipe cleaners over time. This will cost around $250, and there are car chargers, oven lids, extra screens, and more available for those who end up going for one of these.

Available for purchase on Ploom