Pavlok Fitness Band – 340 Volts of Motivation


Hate exercise? Me too! But there’s a wealth of information that proves its a necessary evil. Getting up and getting going isn’t just about looking good, its about living longer, healthier, more productive lives. Sure, its good for the old cardiovascular system, but its also good for your brain, you bones… heck, every bit of you. So what else do you need to know to get moving?

Well, if you’re wearing a  Pavlok Fitness Band, getting hit with a nice jolt of 340 volts of electric current, might just “remind” you to get it in gear. Yup, you heard me — If you fail to meet your goals, the results are shocking. The Pavlok Fitness Band does all the things your other fitness bands do, with an added bonus, real motivation.

First, you set a goal, say, you want to go to the gym every day, your Pavlok will then hold you accountable. If you reach your goal, you get rewards, like gift cards or coins, but if you skip a workout, you’ll owe money to another Pavlok Fitness Band user, have messages of your failures posted to your Facebook wall … or, well… get shocked.

The Pavlok Fitness Band will actually help you change your habits, by enforcing your goals, and its not just for fitness either. Pavlock can help you change almost any measurable pattern, like waking up earlier, or being on time. So if you’re ready to really make a change, pre-order a Pavlock today. Becoming who you want to be, may just be shockingly simple. Shipping in early 2015, for under 150 bucks, from Electrocution? Yup, that might be the only thing that could work for me.

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