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Patriot offers Type-C USB Flash Drive for new MacBook owners

patriot-usb-type-cWhen it comes to portable storage, the USB flash drive happens to be the most popular choice, and has been for quite some time now for obvious reasons. It is not only small and convenient, but modern day technology has seen the capacity in such a device balloon to a point where it is simply ridiculous – and to think that one had to fork out an arm and a leg to pick up a 64MB USB flash drive in the past. Well, USB technology has not remained stagnant, that is for sure, where the Type-C USB port is now in vogue, which is why we have the likes of Patriot jumping aboard the bandwagon to offer their new Type-C USB Flash Drive for new MacBook owner.

This should not come across as a surprise in any way, since Patriot has been a leading manufacturer of mobile accessories, computer and USB memory for quite some time now. Hence, the development of a Type-C USB Flash Drive for the new MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel and other Type-C equipped notebooks and systems is more than welcome news. After all, with the most recent MacBook model been released, that will sport the new Type-C port, Patriot’s latest offering will enable consumers to make use of the Type-C USB Flash Drive so that they can transfer data from any other form factor using a single robust and small solution.

This unique USB flash drive will come with a polished metal exterior, where it boasts of a dual-sided Type-C/Type A USB Flash Drive form factor, featuring a small Type-C at one end and a standard USB 3.0 connector at the other end so that one can enjoy seamless data transfer from traditional devices to the new Type C based device. This would go a long way in solving the issue of compatibility, at the same time making it compatible with just about all devices. Expect this new Type-C USB Flash Drive to arrive later this June in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

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