Patio Foot Spas for a little bit of pampering

Ashiyu has a new range of Patio Foot Spas that aim to help you unwind after a long hard day at work. The range of models are meant to help you melt your aches and stress away, and the adjustable water jet strength is able to offer a stimulating foot massage.

Creating your home oasis is more important than ever, and when you add a Patio Foot Spa to your home, there is no where else you’d rather be. Ashiyu has adapted an ancient Japanese custom into a modern concept for busy lifestyles. Every Ashiyu product is designed and custom-built in Portland, Oregon with an accent on appealing style and attention to our impact on the environment. You’ll get together with family and friends more often and enjoy more relaxing time together when you have a Patio Foot Spa in your life. And you can share your spa without the bother of bathing suits and bath towels.

Of course, these won’t come cheap, but then again how has health products ever been affordable? Ashiyu’s range will start from $1,500 upwards and can even surpass the $2,500 mark if you decide to throw in the works.

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