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Pathfinder Goblin Vinyl Figural Bank encourages one to save money

pathfinder_goblin_vinyl_figural_bankThose who are pretty well versed with the world of Dungeons and Dragons would definitely know that goblins are one of the more unsavory races to have around, but they also share a very human trait – the love for gold. Having said that, here is something for your little ones to help them save up for a rainy day down the road – and what better way to have one keep all of that money than a goblin? The $29.99 Pathfinder Goblin Vinyl Figural Bank will not only hold a d20, it will also keep your hard earned coins.

There is a rather small slot located in his back which allows you to insert coins at will, and just in case you were wondering if he will be the guardian of your coins forever, fret not. At the back of his tabard/vest item, one can flip it up in order to gain access to your hard earned dough as and when required. This is an officially licensed Pathfinder merchandise and is made out of vinyl, measuring 9” in height and 7.5” wide at the ears with a depth of 5”. Apart from storing coins in it, this alternative of a piggy bank will also double up as decent showcase cabinet fodder.