Path Illuminating Umbrella

We have seen an LED Umbrella in the past that offers some sense of illumination whenever you take that long and lonely walk back home, with all the streetlights seemingly working against your fears as they remain turned off for no particular reason. Well, that is a rather general shower of light, and as we all know, it is always better to remain focused in life – hence the $39.95 Path Illuminating Umbrella.
This umbrella will feature a flashlight that has been specially built into the handle, where it will do its job well to illuminate paths during dark, rainy strolls. At the flashlight’s end, it can articulate up to 180º (maximum 90º perpendicular to the umbrella’s fiberglass shaft), making sure your next step is always a safe one, thanks to a trio of bright white LEDs that deliver 100 lumens of brightness. Boasting corrosion-resistant fiberglass ribs and speaders that will help support its 60″ nylon gust-resistant canopy, it comes with a manual open/close mechanism and pinchless runner. Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, they offer up to 48 hours of non-stop lighting action.