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PatchNRide will let you fix a flat tire on your bike without removing your wheel


You’re riding along on your bicycle not a care in the world, and all of a sudden your tire goes flat. It happens all the time, but when it happens to you it can be quite the damper on a good day. If you don’t have the time or money to get the tire replaced, then you likely want a quick fix. In the best case scenario, it will be something that will put you right back on the road.

If you’re wanting something portable that can keep you going without weighing you down, the PatchNRide is a decent option. This is a 4-step fix for your tire should it need a repair. To use, simply find the leak, clear it of debris and insert the PatchNRide into the hole, press the button to release an air seal patch, remove the tool and voila, you’re ready to roll again. You will want to press on the little rubber nub that will be sticking out just to make sure it was done correctly. You’ll have to re-inflate your tire as well, so make sure you have a portable pump at the ready.

The PatchNRide will work with tubular, clinchers, mountain bikes, cruisers, tubeless tires, and running stroller tires. This method of repair will only take about 60 seconds and will save your tire, so you don’t have to deal with purchasing a new one after a singular accident. If you have the misfortune of puncturing the same wheel multiple times, you can use this as many times as it will fit, so long as the hole isn’t too close to an existing repair. Currently this is up for pre-order at 50% off, costing $30 for 2 patch pods and 2 leak detectors.

Available for pre-order on patchnride