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Password Memory Keeper – Because some things are too easy to forget

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve sat in front of my computer trying to pay my electric bill and a few credit cards and realize with horror that it’s due by midnight, it’s 11:59 and I can’t remember the password. Some sites require a capital letter and at least one number and others do not, so my brilliant, albeit, not very secure idea of just using the same darn password for everything has come back to haunt me more than it has helped.

Available on November 19th is the Password Memory Keeper, a little handheld device that easily fits in your pocket or purse that lets you store your usernames, PIN numbers and passwords for up to 50 accounts. I like it better than the numerous downloads available to keep track of passwords, because I never know what computer I’ll be using in order to take care of business. With the Password Memory Keeper on hand, I can take care of my bills anytime, anywhere.

All I am required to remember is one password and I have access to everything I will ever need. Battery operated and secure I can get rid of the 40 post-its I have all over my desk with passwords scribbled on them. For only $29.50 from Frontgate. Excellent!

2 thoughts on “Password Memory Keeper – Because some things are too easy to forget”

  1. May work well, but many of us have smartphones, and there are excellent password keeper apps for them. Why carry another piece of equipment? (Also need to see just how secure it really is…)

  2. Oy, just think what would happen if this device is lost or stolen. Or worse, someone gets a hold of your main password!

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