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The Passback Football helps you learn how to throw the ole pigskin around


If you really love sportball, chances are that you’re trying to better hone your abilities. You don’t have to be trying for the big leagues, or whatever the football equivalent is, but being able to best your friends and family is always worth practicing for. Of course, aside from keeping yourself in shape, there is one element of football that you need to have down pretty well, and that would be throwing. Wait, catching is pretty important too, so two elements.

If your aim and throws are terrible, there’s a good chance that the other team is going to use that to their advantage. The Passback will be the key to learning as you can throw it at a wall and it will spiral back to you. Of course, that’s assuming that the throw you sent out was perfect, otherwise you’ll be stuck playing fetch until you can do it correctly. Frustration is a good motivator to learn how to do something correctly, right?

This will not only help you get used to catching and throwing, but will improve your hand-eye coordination as well! There are different sizes for this ball as they want to cater to the younger sport ball lovers, but it’s not a cheap training tool at $22.50. While it’s not meant to help you become a professional football player, it will let you practice when no one else is around, and will give you a workout nonetheless.

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