You Cannot Pass – The Super Grip Lock

Super Grip Lock

If you travel quite often, you’ve likely come across a faulty hotel door or two. You end up having to use the deadbolt, and depending on where you are, even that can be unlocked. If you’d rather play it safe than sorry, chances are you want a little more protection than just a simple lock.

The Super Grip Lock looks like a plain Velcro strap with words on it, but it is a great way to give yourself a little extra security and peace of mind. It uses “hook-and-loop fabric” (Velcro) and nylon, and as it is used on your side of the door, you don’t need to worry about someone being able to cut through it or normal wear and tear. This is 19 inches in length, meaning it will work on a lock that is up to 6 inches away from the handle.

Thankfully, the directions are printed on the strap, so it’s pretty difficult to mess up. You won’t need any tools, and it’s so small and lightweight that it can easily be tossed in your carry-on luggage without issue. This will only cost you around $11, and has been recommended by Police officers as a deterrent for crime. The main reason being that this will stop any baddies who might already have the key to your room. Well, if they’re not strong enough to undo Velcro that is.

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