Partime Swiss Edition to take off this summer

partime-watchWhile the world might be enamored with the flavor of the day at the moment where timepieces are concerned with smartwatches being released left and right, what with the Apple Watch being one of them, there is still a sizeable crowd out there who would prefer something that is a whole lot more traditional. Partime, for instance, is a young watch brand that hails from Zurich which will be going on board Swiss International Airlines in order to deliver its duty free range this summer by offering a new design. The Partime Swiss Edition is so special, it can only be bought when you are at an altitude of 10,000 meters – that is, in the middle of a flight, and these watches will be numbered and available exclusively to passengers of Swiss.

The Partime Swiss Edition is special enough to come with in a 45 mm, polished stainless steel case, where it will be individually numbered to ensure its uniqueness, will be waterproof, sports a LCD display, a digital time display that can show up at the touch of a button, and a battery life of approximately 2 years. Sounds like a dream timepiece to us, especially for those who love to spend plenty of time in the skies!

Press Release