Parrot Puts its Best Foot Forward at CES

Parrot always puts out some decent products, so it was natural that they had them on display at CES Unveiled. I found two that are worth talking about, as they were designed by some primo designers.

The first is a set of wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck, or “S+ARCK”. These horn-shaped guys are designed for the iPod and iPhone, and can connect to a PC via Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth to the Mac or cellular phone. Sync connectors allow connectivity to any audio device for full immersive 360 degree sound and 100W RMS power output.

The second is one that we have reported on before, the Speechio. This is a reflective photo frame designed by Martin Szekely. This mirror really caught me by surprise as the screen just appeared in the middle of it. Parrot had me on the product right there.

All a user has to do is insert their SD card into the Speechio, and it will automatically create automatic scrolling every five seconds. The user also has the option of using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to upload photos and the Speechio even has its own email address for sending photos over a distance. The Speechio is capable of storing 1500 photos, and is even programmed to switch off automatically when the user turns off the lights in the room.

The Starck wireless speakers are expected to be released in the Spring of 2009 for a price of $1,500, while the Speechio is available at Fred Segal at a price of $500.