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Parrot Jumping Night Drone goes bump in the night

parrot-jumping-night-droneWhen one grows up, one would definitely have gone through the experience of being all alone from time to time – simply because our parents or guardians, or even older siblings are unable to be there with us physically. This situation, coupled with an overactive imagination, is certainly perfect breeding grounds for creatures of the night to make an appearance, and with this, things that go bump in the night – raising goosebumps along your skin as well. Here is something that will also go bump in the night, but at least you will be able to have control over it. I am referring to the £159.99 Parrot Jumping Night Drone.

This is definitely not the first drone from Parrot, and neither is it going to be the last, but it is a refreshing change from the usual drones. The Parrot Jumping Night Drone happens to be a real fireball of gadgetry, where it comes complete with its collection of LEDS alongside an embedded camera that paves the way for nighttime navigation. Not only that, it will be able to stream live, immersive views onto your screen, not to mention boasting of the ability to be able to jump up to 2.5 feet in height, with the cat-like ability to land not on four feet, but rather, on all of its wheels. Hence, it comes in a nimble and lightweight form factor, and can be piloted easily with the free app.